Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nueva Informacion!

So first and foremost I have to tell ya'll..That after months and months of wating, My Parents finally got their mission call! YAY! They are going to be serving in Richmond, Virginia at Fort Lee military base! They will be working with the soldiers there at the base. They will be leaving July 11th. WHich means Charlie and I will be out of our apartment by the end of June so we don't have to pay for Julys rent. We will be moving into their house so that we can save some money and they have someone to stay in and take care of the house. We'll only have to pay $400 a month and utilities. Which is a good deal considering how awesome the house is! We're really excited.

In other news, our sad little mouse JErby died. We think of a heart attack. My friend Terra had brought her little dogs(a teacup chihuahua and a miniature pinscher). They were exploring JErby whlie he was in his little ball. He was fine when we put him in his cage that night. The next morning, Charlie and I were in the living room and Jerby hadn't moved and Charlie said, "What if our mouse is dead?" I was all, "NO, he's just sleeping" But when Charlie went over to check he touched him and he was all rigormortis and dead. Sad Day. So we bought a new mouse and named her BUtter. She is much more fun than Jerby and she doesn't poop on you as much. She's much more active and tries her best to escape her cage every day. lol

In other OTHER news, THis week I have been going to a TESOL(Teaching ENglish as a Second ORal LAnguage) class. It's about Spanish Culture and HIstory. WEll as apart of the class we are going on a field trip to Santa Fe and stopping in all the little historic towns on the way and around it. WE will be leaving tomorrow and be back on Friday. I'm actually pretty excited about it. What I"m NOT excited about is that I will be leaving Charlie. THis will be the first time since we've been married that we'll spend a night apart. It makes me a little sad, but at least it's only one night and not like a week. I don't know how I'd handle that. But I'll take lots of pictures on my trip and post them later. Should be lots of fun!

Well thats all for now! I'll update ya'll later!!! :)