Monday, March 30, 2009

FInger News

So some of you might know that I slammed my finger in the car door. (Mega OUCH!)I had to open the door to get my finger out. I cried and jumped around it hurt so bad. I had so much pressure in my finger that I had to stick a pin in my nail to relieve the pressure. I was so scared I cried the whole time. It was horrible.

Well my nail came off yesterday(I know, SUPER gross) and it was. But suprisingly it didn't hurt. I was just ready for it to come off. ewwww. So This is what my finger looks like now. And it hurts when I hit it still. Also that red line on the finger is where the car door hit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just some thoughts

Today I realized that I have become an expert at walking backwards.

I also realized that little kids and scissors are not always a good mix. I had a little boy cut another little girls hair today and then his own. I was alone in the classroom. sad day. Before you panic, it was just a little bit of hair and you can't even really notice it, but still. He is not allowed to use scissors anymore unless he is beside me. craziness

Testing is going on in the upper grades so my kindergarteners have to be SUPER quiet while in the hall. This is not an easy feat for a 5 year old with a 2 second attention span. But my kids are doing well(because we are bribing them with Rice Krispie Treats)

I'm just really enjoying teaching. I am so comfortable in the classroom and I love my kids. They make me laugh so much. But there are kids that annoy me to high heavens and that I just don't really like. Astonishing to say, but so true!

Well that's all for now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funny Kid Stories

The kids were playing with playdough and I was going through pictures saying them and the student would say the beginning sound. Out of nowhere one student says, "My cousin Marcos is gonna grow up to be a scientist so he can turn hisself into a dog."

At the end of the day all the kids were lined up. One little boy was at the front and he and some of the other kids go into the classroom next to ours. He said he needed to hide his candy. I asked him why and he said, "Cuz theres a teacher in there that always tries to eat it."

A little boy said to another, "I like your shirt. It looks like pieces of hotdog"

It was Valentines day and the students had all their valentines and candies on their desk. One little boy said, "This is the best day of my life"

Doing a Presidents Day weekly reader Mrs. Swinny asked students to look at the words on top of the page. They said, "Our country is the United States" Mrs. Swinney read, "Our COuntry is the" and paused so students could guess. One student said, "BEST" while everyone else said
"United States"

When the kids were getting their coats on for recess, one little boy was stuck in his sweatshirt above his head and his arms all tangled. He said,"Um, I'm having some trouble. "

Looking at another students book, that had a rocking horse on the front, a little boy said,"Oh look, it's a porny" I told him it was poNy, there is no R in pony."

We were looking at a Presidents Day book about George Washington and Abe Lincoln. (It was a coloring book, so none of the pictures were colored) We came to a page that had a slave with a flag behind him. Before we said anything, one of the students yelled out,"It's Barack Obama holding the Flag!"

I wore my glasses and the kids all said I looked different. We were in line and one boy asked my why I wear glasses. I told him because I can't see so well without them. He then proceeded toyell, "You're Blind?!"

I was helping a little boy find a page in his book so I was leaning over his desk. After a moment, he says,"You're breathing like Darth Vader"

Going over the vocabulary word, "Anonymous" Mrs. Swinney used it in a sentence. "Brianna received a Valentine from someone she didn't know. THe sender was anonymous" A little girl looked at her with this horrified look on her face like she was scared for her safety. The kids didn't know what anonymous meant yet.

One little boy was telling me that he makes fun of his cousin because she likes boys. I told him he would like girls someday. He looked at me and said all calm, "It's just my time to make fun of her"

I love kids!