Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ok So. Here is the deal on my reaction to Twilight the movie. I was soo excited to go see it and saw it opening night. Even though I had driven home to Farmington that day and got there at 730 and went to the 955 movie. I'm crazy I know. Anyways, I went into the movie and expected it to be very much like the book. I was sadly disapointed. In my opinion it changed things and put things in the movie that weren't in the book. I was soo focused on that during the movie that I was mad and couldn't really enjoy it. I was really disapointed that the directors felt the need to add things and change things from the book. Everything moved so fast in the movie. In the book Bella takes forever to figure out that Edward is a vampire, but in the movie it's really fast.

Now the differences were similiar to the changes that Harry Potter directors made from the books, but not as bad as the directors of Eragon to the book. I went a second night to go see Twilight and told myself I wasn't going to compare the book to the movie. I wanted to watch the movie and enjoy it. And I did. The second time was much better because I just enjoyed it. Also the hotness factor of the guys was a major 10! Edward is soo amazing. Robert Pattison really IS Edward. So cute and sarcastic and caring. Great. Now looking at the movie, I can understand the changes they made. But that doesn't mean I like them. I still wish it could have been more accurately related to the book.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Houses of Silver City

So whenever I drive around Silver City, I look at the houses and think they are so beautiful. I always say I'm going to take pictures. Well I finally did. I love the architecture of these old houses. I want to live in a house similar to these someday.

I Like the Porch and the windows. Reminds me of the old days. (Like I was there. lol)
This one's kinda scrappy and old, but it has potential. Who wouldn't love to fix up this house?! I also love that it's on a hill. Most of Silver City is though. lol

Love the round architecture on this one. Great yard as well.

Round architecture again. I like the bay windows as well.

This is my favorite house by far. I love the color and the huge wrap-around porch. It's right by the school so I see it almost everyday.
Different Angle of my Favorite house. Lets you see the porch better. I see the people in this house always on the porch. Always cooking out or just sitting and enjoying the evening. That's why I want a house like this. They've actually done a lot of work on it. That rot iron fence is new and it gives the house just the right touch.

This big house is actually for Rent. How cool would it be to live here!

This house is a little bit older but still I love the porch. I also love the homemade wind chimes hanging on the porch.

I don't know what it is about this house, but I like it. I like the balcony on the second story. I also like the round front with bay windows.

Well I'm done with my dorky architecture schpeal(spell?) Now don't you want to come visit Silver City to see all these great houses? Yeah, I thought so.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why Do I still feel Bad?!

So today I was a little bad. I woke up and felt soo not good, so i decided to take it easy today and not go to church. As I've said before I have Tonsilitis and I can't seem to kick it. I've been taking my Amoxicillin but I still feel like crap. I wanted to take today and take it easy so I can maybe get through this week like a normal healthy person. But sad to say I still don't feel any better. I ate breakfast with my roomies and spent the rest of the day taking it easy. Reading and watching TV. But now this evening I have a headache and feel all icky. What the heck? I thought Medicine was supposed to make you feel better and if you take it easy you get better. So why don't I feel any better? My head is pounding and my eyes hurt. Oh So totally lame. Stupid sickness-Just Go away already!

But in happier news I get to go home on Friday and I am OH sooo Excited! Yay for a week of family and fun in Farmington. Not to mention all the Yummy food for Thanksgiving. Plus TWlight comes out this Friday and that is an event in and of itself! I had a dream about Vampires and Werewolves. Obviously way too involved. But that's me and that's how excited I am!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lots to do

So my weekend has been pretty busy. Yesterday was the start of our big YSA(Young Single Adult) activity for Church. Silver City is in charge so there was lots to do. I helped decorate and helped throughout the night. I wish more people had come, but alas, it's Silver City and not many people want to travel here. But El Paso showed up at 930 in a 15 Passenger van-quite exciting. After cleaning up for the night, I went home, took a shower and went to bed.
This morning I had to wake up at like 730, because I had to take my Teacher Competency Test at 8. I just got done and I think I actually did pretty well. I feel really good about it.
Unfortunately I only have a little break, because now I've got to head back over to the Stake Center for the rest of the YSA activity. But I have to leave somewhere in the middle because my Roomies 1st Home Basketball game is at 2. I made a sign and everything Gotta go support my Lady Mustangs!! I want to help everyone, but I don't want to disappoint anyone either. So hopefully all goes well.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Get down with the Sickness

So I went to the Doctor yesterday(Which was an experience in and of itself) But luckily(HA) I've been sick and I was feeling horrible yesterday when I went. Apparently I have Tonsillitis. YUCK! She told me left tonsil was super inflamed(gross, I know) She said I should have had my Tonsils out like a year ago.(News to me) But since I have no insurance, that's not gonna happen. So we'll just see how it goes. I have to take Amoxicillin I woke up this morning feeling totally yucky( good word isn't it?) I took my Amox. and Day-quil. We'll see how I feel. I still feel kinda yucky, but good enough to get through the day.

I've got homework to do(Oh Joy!) so I'm gonna work on that while I feel a little better, because who knows when my health is going to go downhill.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Birthday!

Soo I thought to start off, I would post about my birthday. I turned 24 yesterday. Although the day wasn't that eventful, my evening was. My roomies and friends threw me a little birthday party in my dorm. I came home from class to find my room decorated with pink streamers, balloons and a Hannah Montana banner! It was awesome! Some more of my friends came over and we played games and had cupcakes. Then my roomies came out with a little cake they got for me with 24 candles on it. The flame was so high. Scariest moment of the night.

Later on We went bowling in the hallway. with Water bottles and a Nerf ball. That's how we Roll. It got pretty crazy and our RA told us to quiet down. Fun times.

I had a pretty fun night for the most part. Here are some other pics from my fun bday night!

Me and my lovely Birthday Cake

Me and My Fabulous Roomies!

Me and the Golf Boys