Sunday, April 12, 2009

Marriage Proposal

Sooo, the other day I received a marriage offer. It wasn't to me it was more to my Uncle about me, but still. Well the other weekend it was General Conference weekend. My Aunt, Uncle and I went to the church to watch it. There was this truck in the parking lot with so much wood in the back that you couldn't see the top of the back tires because the truck was so low. Anywas, it belonged to this 70 year old man. He lives in a trailer out in BFE and doesn't always shower and stinks a little. (Also he's a little creepy) Anyways we over to lunch at someone elses house and he came. Well he left his truck at my Aunt and Uncles so the tire wouldn't go flat and he could unload it the next day. Uncle Rex gave him a ride home and on the way the old man asks him, "Who was sitting next to you in conference"
"NExt to me was my wife and next to her is my niece"
"Well I'll make ya an offer......I'll take her to the temple[to get married] and we can all live in the house and I'll work around yer yard for ya."
AWKWARD. At first I thought my Uncle was kidding, cuz he teases me alot. But he was totally serious. I asked him what he said
"I don't think that's gonna work out"
But then Uncle Rex said, "I should told him to come on over, she'll be ready for ya"
To this I say, "Uncle Rex, I wouldve killed you"
I seriously almost threw up in my mouth. Ewwww Cuuuhhhrrreeeeeppppyyy!
So that's my Marriage Proposal. Hopefully my next one(whenever it is) is alot better than that and from someone less creepy and more my age.


Kim said...

That is sooo funny!

Jekkisa~! said...

Yeah, cuz it didn't happen to you!

Hayden and Brent said...

Lol! Thats so funny! I had one of those kinds before and Im right there with you! creepy!!!