Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week of the Wedding

So my sister Julia got remarried on Saturday(May 30). Our WHOLE family came into town for it, and I'm not just talking the Farmington peeps. Nancy and her family and Tonya came from Missouri and Kansas. This is the first time in like years that EVERYONE has been together. So the week before the wedding we did all kinds of activities and just spent time together. That much time spent together makes stressers and annoyances run high. Stuff happened and words were said(yelled) and it was just crazy. Not to mention that Julia, Shawn and Michael were in a bad car wreck a week before the wedding. Cars totaled and Julia was in the hospital for a while. Oh the stuff that happened that week. But we got through the week and the beautiful day arrived and it was fun! Just thought you might enjoy some pics of the week and the wedding!

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Big Daddy said...

Tell your sister I said Congratulations.