Wednesday, November 4, 2009


On December 11th I will be graduating from Western New Mexico University with my Bachelors in Elementary Education. I can't believe that after 6 years I am finally going to graduate from college! Finally! But now that the time has come it is extremely scary and overwhelming! My life is coming to a crossroads and I'm not sure which road to take. I always sorta thought that I would stay in Deming and start working on my Masters, but things have happened and situations changed and now I really really don't want to stay in Deming. I feel like there is nothing here for me. I have no real friends. I am a social person and I have NO social life here. Maybe if things had gone differently, I would be fine staying here, but I don't want to be here and be reminded.

Also in other news, I am going to be 25 in 8 days! OMGOSH! I cannot believe that I am that old. I know to some, it is not old, but to me it is! It's a quarter of a Century! Geez! But even with all that is going on in my life, I know that I can do it and my Heavenly Father is with me!

Here are some of my Graduation Pictures(taken by the amazing Britney Keeler)

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