Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just some thoughts

Today I realized that I have become an expert at walking backwards.

I also realized that little kids and scissors are not always a good mix. I had a little boy cut another little girls hair today and then his own. I was alone in the classroom. sad day. Before you panic, it was just a little bit of hair and you can't even really notice it, but still. He is not allowed to use scissors anymore unless he is beside me. craziness

Testing is going on in the upper grades so my kindergarteners have to be SUPER quiet while in the hall. This is not an easy feat for a 5 year old with a 2 second attention span. But my kids are doing well(because we are bribing them with Rice Krispie Treats)

I'm just really enjoying teaching. I am so comfortable in the classroom and I love my kids. They make me laugh so much. But there are kids that annoy me to high heavens and that I just don't really like. Astonishing to say, but so true!

Well that's all for now.

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