Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Days and Tragedy

I haven't blogged in a while and I'm sorry about that. I've been busy. I am back down in Deming to finish up with my schooling. I have 15 more credits to take and I will(0r hope to) be graduating from Western New Mexico University this December. FINALLY!

So Get ready for this story, because it's a long one

I got my car all packed up and ready so that I could leave on Sunday the 16th because I had class in Deming on the 17th. Well I get about an hour and a half outside of Farmington, exactly 9 miles from the Apache Nuggest Casion(the tee pee Casino) I know this because I was right next to the billboard. Anyways, my car starts making a funny noise and won't go when I put on the gas. I pull over and the Check Engine and the Oil light come on. I pop the hood and there is smoke coming out of the dipstick part and by the engine(not a lot, but still, smoke?) I checked the oil dipstick and I had NO oil. I was leaking it on the side of the road. I call my Dad told him what was up and he being the amazing Father that he is, came and got me. So I had to sit by myself in my car on the side of the road(flippin hot btw) for an hour and a half while he drove to get me. It was pretty much ok since I had TWilight on my ipod. And if you're wondering, No. nobody stopped to help me. sad day. Well my Dad got there and told me I had a hole in my Oil Pan(idk how it got there) and he tied a tow strap to my car and towed me home to Farmington. FOr those of you who have been towed, you know this, but for those of you who don't, being towed is difficult. I had to stay in my car and steer and push on the brakes so I didn't hit the truck. It was a long trip back, but I did well. I get home in time for Family Dinner(woo hoo) My Dad talks to my sister Julia and asks if I can use her car while he fixes mine so he doens't have to be working late into the night. She says that's fine(I totally love her! She is the best) so we unload my car and put all my stuff into hers(which it fits much better. I can actually see out the rearview mirror) --

sidenote: I truly am lucky to have the family that I have. I have a wonderful father that drops everything and comes and rescues me an HOUR AND A HALF away. I have a super sister who is willing to carpool and let me use her car so I can go to school. I am baffled at my good fortune with my family.

--So I drive down to Deming with the knowledge that my dad is going to fix my car and we will trade cars in Albuquerque sometime next week. It was a long journey, partly because Julias cruise control does not work and her Air Conditioner is seriously lacking. But i made it in one piece and unloaded everything AND made it to class. It was a good day....but it wasn't going to last long. On Tuesday evening while I was watching my newly purchased, "The Hannah Montana Movie" I receive a phone call from my Papa informing me that my dear dear friend aka my Car had died. He was working on it and the engine blew. It's unfixable and trying to fix it would cost more than the car is worth. Oh course I started to cry. That car has been in the family for 23 yrs. I got it from my Grandma when she died. It had sentimental value and so many good memories. I truly feel like a friend died. Also to add, I am totally not in a position to purchase a new car. My parents were willing to support me if I wanted to buy a new car and take over payments when I can. But I chose the other option of having them buy a car that was more in my price range of $2000-3000. As of yet, I am still looking and so is my Dad. We may have found one, but you never know. Once I know, YOU will know. But let's have a moment of silence for my poor deceased "grandma" car. You will be missed Phoebe :(

Me and my Sister Julia camping at Vallecito Lake the weekend before I left

A sign at the campground, just in case you didn't know what the bathrooms were for.

My Sister Misha and I out to dinner with SOME of the fam

Misha, Me, My Mom and Julia at Dinner

Me having to sit on the huge duffle bag full of clothes so that I could zip it up

My Dad, Me and my Mom before I left

The view from my car looking on as my Dad tows me with his Truck

Oh and I hit a dog with the car yesterday. It was pretty much the worst day ever..for me AND the dog

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