Thursday, February 19, 2009

new post. New Post! NEW POST!

Yeah, thats a nice title isn't it? I thought so too. Anyways, Now I have access to the internet alot more now since I got a laptop and can get internet. Now I'm not saying I'm gonna be on all the time higgledy piggledy. But I'll be on a little bit more than I was before.

Well nothing really new happened lately. Oh wait, did you guys want to see a picture of the Valentines Day Dance? You DO?
Well here is me and Andy Rogers my "date" for the evening. Yes he is tall, but in his tallness is a whole bunch of funniness as well. I had a really nice time at the dance with him and I laughed alot. I'm just not so sure that this friendship will ever be more than just that, friendship. Oh well, I wasn't too worried about that.
Anyways, I'm bored with being online right now, So I guess I will have to get back to you later. Buh Bye

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Kim said...

You look so pretty! I'm glad you had a fun time.