Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kidney Stones

So the past few days my stomach has really been hurting me and I didn't know what it was. Well it got really bad yesterday, so bad I was crying. I called my sister Misha and explained my symptoms, and she thought it was my apendix. So I called my hometeachers and they gave me a blessing. Then my friend Katie took me to the emergency room, cuz I was in alot of pain. They admitted me and I got an IV with morphine and everything. They drew blood to make sure I wasn't pregnant. (LOL) Then I got a CT scan. I had to hold my breath for 6 seconds 2 times and the last time I had to hold it for 30 seconds. HARD. But what I thought was funny, that after they told me to hold my breath, when you let it go, the machine said, "Breathe" it made me laugh. So I had to wait for the test to come back and the doctor came in and said I had a Kidney Stone. Also that there was a little bacteria in my Urine, so I might have a Urinary Tract Infection as well. FAIL! So they sent me home with Vicadin, and a prescription for an antibiotic and strainers for when I pass the stone. Weird.

So I went to my final this morning and that was fine. I was still in pain, but it was tolerable. Then I had to go to Deming to meet with my Clinical Faculty for my student teaching next semester. Then I had to go do a background check. All the time I started to feel worse and worse. By the time I was driving home to Silver City, I was in soo much pain. I cried the whole drive home. I had a high fever and was devoid of energy. I got back to Silver and took a super hot shower, took some Vicadin and crashed out.

Tonight my fever broke and me and My friend Katie had a girls night. We had Pizza and watched a Christmas Story. I'm still in pain and I wish this stone would just pass already. I have my last final tomorrow and I'm soo glad. But I still have to pack and do other stuff as well. Ahh Stress and Kidney stones suck!

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The Hill's said...

My poor Jessie! I hope you feel better soon! I think it's funny that a CT scan made you laugh...