Friday, December 19, 2008


So what does Vacation mean to you? Well to me, it means coming home and doing absolutely NOTHING. I kinda feel bad though and a tad bit guilty. I mean I still have stuff to do before I go do my student teaching in January. But it's nice to not HAVE to do anything. Doesn't mean I dont' worry about it though. and I suppose I do HAVE to clean my room. See I haven't really unpacked. lol. I put away most of my clothes, but everything else is just on the floor in my room. I'm actually supposed to be cleaning it right now. But my Mom is out running errands, so do you think I'm doing it? Nope. I'm sitting around in my pajamas. But you know the minute I hear a car door slam, I will jump up and run to my room and act like I've been there for hours, even though it doesn't show one bit of difference and my Mom will know. I have to make the effort.
It's really nice being home in Farmington. I love being able to see my family. I especially love being able to hug my Mama whenever I want.
But the downside of being home, is that my body knows I can be sick and so it takes that as a sign to let me have the flu. It's not a bad flu, just aches and stuffy nose and all that. So it's more of like a cold, but still. Plus, my Kidney Stone(who I've named, Excrucia) has still not made an appearance. It's alright, I'm not in pain. It's just weird, knowing it's still in me and I could pee it out at any time. I'm really afraid I'm going to be all alone on the toilet crying when it comes out. Ouchie.
Oh well. Oh Snap, I heard a car door slam. Gotta go!

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