Thursday, November 20, 2008

Houses of Silver City

So whenever I drive around Silver City, I look at the houses and think they are so beautiful. I always say I'm going to take pictures. Well I finally did. I love the architecture of these old houses. I want to live in a house similar to these someday.

I Like the Porch and the windows. Reminds me of the old days. (Like I was there. lol)
This one's kinda scrappy and old, but it has potential. Who wouldn't love to fix up this house?! I also love that it's on a hill. Most of Silver City is though. lol

Love the round architecture on this one. Great yard as well.

Round architecture again. I like the bay windows as well.

This is my favorite house by far. I love the color and the huge wrap-around porch. It's right by the school so I see it almost everyday.
Different Angle of my Favorite house. Lets you see the porch better. I see the people in this house always on the porch. Always cooking out or just sitting and enjoying the evening. That's why I want a house like this. They've actually done a lot of work on it. That rot iron fence is new and it gives the house just the right touch.

This big house is actually for Rent. How cool would it be to live here!

This house is a little bit older but still I love the porch. I also love the homemade wind chimes hanging on the porch.

I don't know what it is about this house, but I like it. I like the balcony on the second story. I also like the round front with bay windows.

Well I'm done with my dorky architecture schpeal(spell?) Now don't you want to come visit Silver City to see all these great houses? Yeah, I thought so.

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Eggy said...

So - come on, Jess. Where is your posting about the Twilight movie??? I expected something way before this!