Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Birthday!

Soo I thought to start off, I would post about my birthday. I turned 24 yesterday. Although the day wasn't that eventful, my evening was. My roomies and friends threw me a little birthday party in my dorm. I came home from class to find my room decorated with pink streamers, balloons and a Hannah Montana banner! It was awesome! Some more of my friends came over and we played games and had cupcakes. Then my roomies came out with a little cake they got for me with 24 candles on it. The flame was so high. Scariest moment of the night.

Later on We went bowling in the hallway. with Water bottles and a Nerf ball. That's how we Roll. It got pretty crazy and our RA told us to quiet down. Fun times.

I had a pretty fun night for the most part. Here are some other pics from my fun bday night!

Me and my lovely Birthday Cake

Me and My Fabulous Roomies!

Me and the Golf Boys

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The Hill's said...

Fun blog Jess! Remember when you laughed at me for starting a blog???