Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ok So. Here is the deal on my reaction to Twilight the movie. I was soo excited to go see it and saw it opening night. Even though I had driven home to Farmington that day and got there at 730 and went to the 955 movie. I'm crazy I know. Anyways, I went into the movie and expected it to be very much like the book. I was sadly disapointed. In my opinion it changed things and put things in the movie that weren't in the book. I was soo focused on that during the movie that I was mad and couldn't really enjoy it. I was really disapointed that the directors felt the need to add things and change things from the book. Everything moved so fast in the movie. In the book Bella takes forever to figure out that Edward is a vampire, but in the movie it's really fast.

Now the differences were similiar to the changes that Harry Potter directors made from the books, but not as bad as the directors of Eragon to the book. I went a second night to go see Twilight and told myself I wasn't going to compare the book to the movie. I wanted to watch the movie and enjoy it. And I did. The second time was much better because I just enjoyed it. Also the hotness factor of the guys was a major 10! Edward is soo amazing. Robert Pattison really IS Edward. So cute and sarcastic and caring. Great. Now looking at the movie, I can understand the changes they made. But that doesn't mean I like them. I still wish it could have been more accurately related to the book.

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Kory&Heather said...

I feel the same way.... lucky I went in expecting it to be alot different from the book. So my stance is the movie is good but the books are a ton better. I've seen it 3 times.... no more for me.